Procedures for Joining

Join EUPF Contact Points

Institutions, universities, schools, agencies and centers whishing to join the European Network of EUPF National Contact Points – aimed at the promotion and communication of Europe Project Forum Activities – may request additional information by contacting us with the button on this page.

EUPF accepts applications for membership from quality assurance agencies/organisations – public and private entity – in the signatory states of the European Union that meet the membership criteria. Applicant agencies do not need to fill in a separate membership application form since the review report submitted to ENQA serves as a request for membership.
Any Contact interested in becoming “National Contact Point” of the EUPF, sharing the institutional aims of Europe Project Forum Stichting, may apply also for Membership.
The “National Contact Point” Membership is institutional – for public and private bodies – and not individual.
Membership runs from 1 January until 31 December.
The “NCP”, if they get approval, must pay a one-time “Entry fee”, and an annual Membership fee
The fee payable for a Membership will be calculated per calendar year (1 January to 31 December of any year) and will be a fixed yearly payable amount, meaning that notwithstanding the fact that a Membership can start at any moment during a calendar year the fees payable will be the same as for a whole calendar year.
For 2023: Entry Fee will be 4900,00 euros, and Membership will be 12.100,00 euros.
For 2024: Entry Fee will be 4990,00 euros, and Membership will be 12.600,00 euros.

A “National Contact Point” is granted certain benefits.
Any benefit granted to a NCP Member is a strictly personal license to use the benefit during the term of the Membership. Meaning this license is non-transferable, exclusive, revocable and with no right to grant a sub-license.
Application process:
Once the application is accepted, the annual membership fee is invoiced.
The organisation’s profile details are uploaded on the member directory and the organisation is given full access to our services and networking opportunities.
Inquiries regarding the EUPF National Contact Points membership application procedure can be addressed to:

[In accordance with its bylaws and articles of association, the EUPF reserves the right to refuse Membership to a Contact, if the EUPF deems it to be contrary to the interest of the EUPF or its Members to accept the application for Membership].


  • The information and guidance services operated by public or by private agreement

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Centers and agencies that deal with the promotion of European initiatives

  • Secondary schools

  • Education training and employment promotion centers

How you can get involved


Partnerships are a key element of any event: your involvement helps to raise the profile of the event and the event helps your organisation promote itself and grow. Whatever the nature of your organisation, we actively encourage you to get in touch with us to see if we can work together to achieve common goals.


There are four categories of partnerships available:

  • Sponsor

  • Supporting Organisation

  • Media Partner

  • Knowledge Partner

 If you represent a prominent organization, media company, or you run an extremely successful blog and want to explore the potential of collaborating with us, please get in touch and contact us clicking on the button below.

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